If you have been sexually assaulted please contact your nearest Centre Against Sexual Assault. In Victoria, phone 1800 806 292. In the rest of Australia phone 1800 RESPECT

Preventing pregnancy

There is an option to stop or prevent pregnancy by using (ingesting ) a once off tablet known as ‘Emergency contraceptive’. You may also have heard of it on TV or Social media being referred to as ‘Plan B’ or ‘the morning after pill’.

The sooner it is taken the better. It can be taken within 96 Hours (4 days) of a sexual assault. Speak with your Doctor or Pharmacist to see if it is still possible to take it.

Where to get it?

A doctor or GP can prescribe emergency contraception to you. If you have a connection with a Doctor or GP make an appointment to see them and let them support you through this. This appointment can be private if you ask no matter your age. However you can also get it from a chemist by speaking with the Pharmacist.

The GP and Pharmacist will need to ask you questions before giving it to you, such as:

  • When was your last period?
  • When did you last have sex? This includes when you were assaulted

The GP and Pharmacist do not need your parent/guardian’s permission to sell you Emergency contraception. It costs about $15-45 Australian Dollars.

If you chose to tell Police about the sexual assault, and agree to a forensic medical a doctor at the Crisis Care Centre where you complete the forensic medical can provide you with Emergency contraception free of charge. The specialist Forensic Doctor/Nurse can also provide you with information and advice about this choice.

See also: Unplanned pregnancy


If you don't want to talk to the police you can report anonymously at Sexual Assault Report Anonymously

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