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The Boss of my Body

The Boss of My Body DVD is the result of initiatives put in place through Protective Behaviours WA, the Department of Child Protection (Carnarvon) and WA Police, as well as intensive teaching initiatives implemented by staff at Burringurrah Remote Community School during 2011 and 2012.

RESET in Geraldton who borrowed the catch phrase "I'm the boss of My Body" from the Kimberly Aboriginal Medical Services council, together with Lyne Harrison (Department of Child Protection, Burringurrah) did an incredible job in helping the community feel safe, and promoting a violent free life style through community events. Country Arts WA and their sponsors made many contributions to the community through the Out There Youth Leadership Program, which funded various artists to attended Burringurrah for over two years working with the community on various projects.

During one particular Country Arts WA visit to the community a conversation between Richard Wells (Burringurrah Police) and Leon Ewing produced the idea of a DVD that the children would present as a way of teaching other kids what they had learnt about being the boss of their bodies. The idea grew and became a reality with support from Midwest Gascoyne Police District Office, Country Health Service (Midwest Gascoyne), Burringurrah Remote Community School, Local Drug Action Group Inc and the Australian Government through the Regional Arts Fund.

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